Commencement 2012

UC Riverside

Congratulations Seniors! Check out our “Commencement by the Numbers” video!

Join us in celebrating the many accomplishments and great promise of our newest Highlander grads. Pursue your dreams, make your mark on the world, and know that you will always remain a part of the UCR family.

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  • Mohamed Ali Mohamed
    Congratulations !!!!!!! on your gratuation
    I am so broud of you. I hope for the best
    in your future, INSHA ALLAAH!!
    —Aunt Hamiido, family/friend
  • I knew u could do it Miss Pooh!!! Good luck in whatever path you decide to follow, I'm sure you will be the best! Love your brother, Chris—Chris Munoz, family/friend
  • My Jadey, I am so proud of you there is nothing that you can't do if you believe in yourself. Someday, you are going to be a wonderful PA with all the compassion and kindness you have in your heart I'm sure it's the beginning of your calling. Keep your faith in God and trust that he walks with you in your journey to your new career. Your family loves you and we knew you could do it!!!! Mom—Yvette Casarez, family/friend
  • Congratulations Benazir Baig :) You have done it..I am really proud of you!! After all the struggle and sacrifices, you have finally reached the pinnacle. Wishing you the best for future
    Love Azhar
    —Syed Azharuddin, family/friend
  • Congratulations to the Graduate School of Education graduates!!! I wish you all the best. —Yahaira Martinez, student
  • Hi Divya Sivaraman,

    CONGRATULATIONS. It is a GREAT achievement = dreams come true = very proud to be associated = Enjoy the day = Cherish the lovely memory = All the best=Vasanthy Athai & Ramadurai athimber.
    —RAMADURAI SUBRAMANIAN, family/friend
  • Congratulations to the entire batch of students. We wish all of you a very successful career. Our wishes to Satya for this great achievement. We are proud of you Satya.

    With love
    Viji, Sridevi, murali
    —Viji Murali, family/friend
  • Yousra chérie,

    Toutes nos félicitations, bibicha. Nous sommes fières de toi et de tes exploits. Nous te souhaitons un bel avenir et plein de succès dans ta vie :)

    Congratulations on getting this far on your journey. Your hard work has finally paid off, and we can't wait to finally hold you in our arms and celebrate the beginning of another chapter of your life.

    Beaucoup d'amour du Maroc <3
    —Fatima Riouch & Yasmina Lembachar, family/friend
  • Congratulations Mohamed Ali Mohamed, you really made us proud and may you enjoy every moment in your success.
    Best Wishes
    —Abdulnasir Muktar, family/friend
  • Congrats to my daughter Samantha, a job well done. Love you—debbie, family/friend
  • hi asma a lot of best wishes to u concerning this day nmuch to your future may u have allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll in your future which u had wish in past many many bessssssssssssssssst wishes to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    4m emman javaria maheen n mahnor n your mamoo mami
    —razia, family/friend
  • Congratulations Wynter. All of your hard work and dedication has paid off. We are very proud of you. We love you very much.—Tammy & Mark Hammer, family/friend
  • Congrats Nancy on Graduating! From Bro and Family.—Thomas P., family/friend
  • Gian, desde San Rafael de Oreamuno te deseamos lo mejor, el que estes celebrando el día de hoy este logro ha representado un gran esfuerzo y determinación. Esperamos que se cumplan todos tus proyectos pero que sobre todo seas feliz . Te queremos muchísimo y te deseamos lo mejor —Marianella Masís Sanabria, family/friend
  • To my big sister Piggy,
    Congrats on you graduation!!! I am very proud of you! I am blessed to have a big sister like you who has showed me that when you put something on your heart (and brain) you can achieve it. I look up to you because you are a wonderful example of an extraordinary student!! I wish you the best on you day and for your future endeavors. I am with you today in spirit!
    With much love from your little ESB :)
    —Lulu, family/friend
  • Congrats Nerd!
    Te deseamos lo mejor!!!!! :)
    With love, Dora
    —Dora, family/friend
  • Congrats C/O 2012!!!!!!—Steve, student
  • Karina Guzman,
    Congratulations!! You made it! wasn't so bad after all. I hope for the best in your future. Stay cheerful, happy, kind, hardworking, positive, and true to yourself and everything will come to you.
    -Your Good Friend
    —Your Good Friend, family/friend
  • Kristina we are so very proud of you! We wish you the very best always! Abuello, Abuella, Rutilo, Rosio and Sonia sent you all their love!, CONGRTULATIONS on your accomplishment!—Rosio Anaya, family/friend
  • Jesus Rosado ! Good job! Just another step in the right direction! Keep being the visionary person that you are. If you can see it, You can achieve it! Oh sooo proud!
    —Carlos Rosado, family/friend
  • Jesus Gabriel Rosado! Congrats from Incirlik Turkey. Though I am deployed, on behalf of your family and I. I am Soooo proud of you and your comitment to keep bettering yourself. Thank you,keep up the good work and sorry I could not be there. I Love You.
    Your Dad,
    Carlos Rosado
    —Carlos Rosado, family/friend
  • Connie Guzman,
    You did it! We're proud of you... Love you!
    —Erika + Wyatt, family/friend
  • We are so proud of our Ph.D. Paul Oeser.
    Love, Mom, Dad, Alicia and Erica
    —The Oeser Family, family/friend
  • Emily!!! Congratulations, mija! We are so proud of you. Love always, the Arellanos.—The Arellano Family, family/friend
  • Dear Sheetal,
    Hearty Congratulations and wish you all the very best
    —Kumar A, family/friend
  • Dear Sheetal

    It is great !! You did it after many years of hard work and perseverance !

    CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes for journey ahead

    amma and appa Bangalore
    —Subramanian, family/friend
    —Liz Torres, family/friend
  • Marianna Mielewczyk, I am very proud of you today! I'm sorry I can't be there with you, got to go fight the bad guys in Afghanistan. But, I am in spirit and am going to watch it live. I love you, miss you. Congratulations to a great sister! Love you Miszka!!! —Michal Mielewczyk , family/friend
  • Maria Gonzalez, mi amor! Congratulations!!!!! Happiness in your life!—Célio Damasio da Costa Esteves, family/friend
  • Congrats little brother! We are all proud of you and love you. —val and the payton- holguin family, family/friend
  • Christian Zaragoza, today you receive something that will open many more opportunities. Cherish the moment and be proud for tomorrow another adventure begins. Love you Brother, I am very proud of you.—Eric Zaragoza, family/friend

    —Elizabeth R. Wingate, family/friend
  • Congratulations to our brilliant brother Daniel Yamane. Your gentle, thoughtful, goofy and intelligent spirit is a light to this family. So proud of your accomplishments at UCR and we stand amazed by the good works God continues to work in and through your life. We love you!—Yamane Family, family/friend
  • Vincent Joseph Murillo --- Your a handsome young man with a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE!!!! Congratulations on your BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!!! Psychic's Major - WOW!!!! Love you LOTS!!!! Tia Grace and Family—Grace Tafoya, family/friend
  • Vincent ... Congratulation for a JOB well Done! :) The future is in your hands. Go Get them. ----- Love you Grandpa and Grandma Murillo. :)—Grace Tafoya, family/friend
  • To our son, Adam Tatum, congratulations for graduating with two majors. You have achieved amazing things with your education. We are so proud of you! We love you always, Mom & Dad—David & Jill Tatum, family/friend
  • Marina.. que Dios te siga bendiciendo y dando sabiduría, para que continúes con tus estudios. Muchas felicidades por tu graduación.
    Sigue adelante!!! Y estamos muy orgullosos de Tí toda la Familia Martínez Baca..
    —Dalila, family/friend
  • Congratulations dear Prema. We are so proud of you. Eagerly waiting to welcome you back home. From Your Family in Malaysia—Komathy, family/friend
  • Izzy! Congratulations on your graduation! You are an amazing person, and I'm so proud to witness you graduate. I am glad we randomly happened to be roommates two years ago, because we ended up becoming close friends. I love you so much. Congratulations, again!—Elle del Campo, student
  • Congratulations, Lacey Pickering!!! We love you and are so proud of you!
    xo Uncle Steve, Aunt Debbie, and Grace
    —Debbie Pickering, family/friend
  • So proud of you, Amanda, my creative, beautiful friend! Enjoy your day! Love you very much! - Zsuzsi—Zsuzsi, family/friend
  • Tati! Congrats on this momentous occasion, YOU DID IT!—Cousin Susi, family/friend
  • samantha hernandez, This is from your uncle Alex, I am so proud of you that words cannot express how proud I am of you. Just the thought of you ,or the sound of your sweet voice brightens my world. Go get them baby!! I love you!!—Alex Orozco, family/friend
  • To our brother Mohamed Ali Mohamed congratulations on your graduation. We are so proud of you for all the accomplishments. It needs serious efforts, determination and courage to achieve the success you have earned. You are an inspiration to all of us. All the hard work you have put in has paid off. WELL DONE BRO! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. ILHAM AND IFRAH—ILHAM AND IFRAH, family/friend
  • Congrats TATI VILLALOBOS! You da (wo) Man. We are so proud of you. Time to get to work, earn your keep....Nice. Love The O Family—Orfanos Fam, family/friend
    —FABIOLA CASTILLO, family/friend
  • Congratulations Mr. Yum! I wish you the best! —Albert Yum, student
  • Hello my dear son, Mohamed Ali Mohamed, B. A and B. S graduate of Business Administration and political Science respectively. I feel happy when you successfully completed your first degree studies this year and I congratulate you and your friends. Thanks to your professors and other auxiliary staff of UC Riverside for their support.
    Faduma, Your Mother
    —Faduma Hassan Ali, family/friend
  • I am the father of Mohamed Ali Mohamed, B. A. graduate of Business Administration and political Science this year. I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to the leadership, academic and administrative staff of UC Reverside for their tireless efforts to nurture and teach my son, his classmates and colleagues. Equally I congratulate Mohamed and his friends for the successful completion of their first degree studies hoping them to continue.—Ali Mohamed Gedi, family/friend
  • Congrats big sis, Daisy on finally graduting from college first in family to gradute. You have put alot effort to suceed in college and to gradute , and the day is finally here to gradute so congrats sis. Class of 2012 ;) :p —Rosa, family/friend
  • MOHAMED ALI MOHAMED you know what it is its that escobar connection..just wana say i am really proud of you for what u have achieved.its been a long time coming but u finally made it what so many people find hard..i always been proud of you bro.u are my raw model.i have always looked up to you and will always be..Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can love man cheers..SOKOBAR lmao—hassan escobar, family/friend
  • Mohamed ali mohamed - Eedo hambalyo an kuleyahay waa kufarxsanahay guul ka aa gartay. Aniga Iyo Eedo Xabibo. Hambalyo—Eedo Bintow, family/friend
  • Mohamed Ali Mohamed - Congratulations on your graduation from UCR, its a big Milestone in your life and we could not be more proud of you. cheers—Abdisalam , family/friend
  • Mohamed Ali Mohamed - we,as a family, are very proud of your achievements in UCR. Bringing home good grades and balancing with family life is not something most people would do well but your not like everybody else. I dont want to go forever and write an essay here or exceed the word limit, I will just say congratulations. with love from all of us here. see you soon champ.—Nasrudin Ali, family/friend
  • Congratulations Stephen Lee, Rachel Chieng, Albert Yum, Nick Park, Emily Kim, and all the ASUCR family of graduates. We are proud of you and will miss you!—ASUCR - Laurie Sinclair, staff
  • Sarah,
    I wish you all the best, congrats on your Art History degree! :)

    —Dawn, family/friend
  • Congrats Nana! :) Love you....—Tatiana Bojorquez, family/friend
  • We love you Leanna , Congratulations, enjoy your day and future xoxo—Lisa Calhoun , family/friend
  • To my sister Sabrina Gonzalez,
    You have made us very proud, keep up the great work. We love you very much and know that only good things will come your way. Blessings always. :)
    —Maria Garcia, family/friend
  • Reema - Congratulations! You have done it! Your trust in God has made you a role model for others, both young and old, to establish and accomplish their educational goals. Love you always!—Billy Solomon, family/friend
  • Destiny you finally made it! We are all so proud of you!!!! Keep following your dreams and let this accomplishment be testimony that dreams DO come true and anything is possible with dedication and support from your family that loves you! —Stephanie Mora Ponce, family/friend
  • Congrats to the graduating members of the Hot Potato Crew of freshman year 2008, it's unfortunate some of us drifted apart, but I wish you all the best. Take care.—"Sweet Potato", family/friend
  • Shauna T. Stevenson I am so proud of you! You did a great job. With your smarts, beauty and outgoing personality I am sure you will do UCR proud! —Mommy (Shanetta Stevenson), family/friend
  • Shauna Stevenson you made it. I am proud to be abble to share this milestone with you. You are the first born and you have set the standard for all those behind you to step up and be better. I know the future is bright for you and looking forward to seeing what the world has in store for you. Love you, Natasha (godmom) —Natasha Young, family/friend
  • Congratulations to our amazing niece Juliet Beni who has worked so hard to reach her goal with hard work and determination. Have a fantastic day it is all yours. Love form Pauline and Brian and all the family here in the UK. xxx—Pauline, family/friend
  • hija meda mucho gusto y orgullo que al fin llego el dia de tanto esfuerzo tener tu diploma que apesar de tantas piedras por el camino nunca desviaste tu meta te quiero mucho y es mas orgullo para la familia que eres la primera al terminar su universidad y el buen ejemplo de sus hermanos felicidades—maria, family/friend
  • Sabrina Gonzalez,
    Congrats girl. Im so happy and proud of you. we have a university grad in the fam now hope the next generation of Gonzalez look up to you and see that if you dedicate yourself to it you can achive your goals and thats theres no reason not to get things done.... Love you. Your Cuzzzz Wendy
    —wendy, family/friend
  • Congratulations to Ashlee Randolph—FrankRandolph, family/friend
  • Congratulations to a very special niece! Marina Soto. I am so very proud of you for all your accomplishments. May God Bless you and keep you always! Lots of Love and Kisses. I whish I was there! Bersy Tudor.—Bersy Tudor, family/friend
  • Felicidades, Mónica. Disfruta de este día tan especial. Estamos contigo.—carlos miras, family/friend
  • Congratulations Hannah!
    I am soooo proud of you. You have your whole life ahead of you and I'm excited to see the adventures you embark on. Always stay true to who YOU are, let the Lord guide your footsteps, strive to be your very best every day, and you'll be amazed at the places you'll go and the things you'll do in this world. Love you sooooo very much! Aunt Deb
    —Deb Hubbard, family/friend
  • Hello Sarah McGrath...congratulations on compleating such a wonderful goal of a Bachelor of Arts! You ROCK my friend...wish I was able to be there, but I am in spirit! May you continue to enhance your life beyond measure, as you illuminate all you touch with your beautiful existance! I love you sista! Lisa Watkins-Scott—Lisa Watkins-Scott, family/friend
  • To Mohamed Ali Mohamed
    Congratulations on
    making your parents and me proud
    on your Graduation Day!
    I can just see how happy
    they are when U finally get
    that diploma!
    —Eng. Nur Hassan Ali, family/friend
  • Congratulations on
    making me, parents and family proud
    on your Graduation Day!
    I can just see how happy
    we are when U finally get
    that diploma!
    —Eng. Nur Hassan Ali, family/friend
  • To my little sister from across the miles. I'm so proud of your accomplishment today. May your mark of the world be everlasting.
    Love your brother,
    —Luis Gonzalez, family/friend
    —patricia azar, family/friend
  • To Becca Noblitt.....

    To say we are proud is an understatement. You have our love, our blessings, and our confidence in the brightest future.

    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
    Eleanor Roosevelt

    Dad, Mom, David, Hottie, MoMo, and Scout.
    —Carl, Julie, and David Noblitt, family/friend

    —Don & Cynthia Clarke, family/friend
  • Congratulations mija you did it, todos estamosesta muy orgullosos de ti,
    —Familia Monroy Moreno , family/friend
  • Leticia Janel Juarez,
    It's been a pleasure getting to know you these past four years, man I can't believe how fast time has flown. I'm sad to see you leave, but extremely happy/proud of what you have accomplished! You are an amazing person and one day will make a wonderful Podiatrist! You should start working on my feet, get some practice in! haha jk. I love you friend! You deserve nothing but the very best! Congratulations future doctor! (:
    -love me! <3
    —Kelvin "I love you friend!" Arizaga , student
  • Congrats to the TRC Class of 2012!
    Cynthia T, Lupe R, Yessica G, Tau Sigma, Puente Connection and Transfer Student Association members.
    —Rick V, staff
  • Gordon- I'm so proud of you!
    Sending love from Beijing!
    Your sis
    —Vivian Yeung, family/friend
  • Rocio Congratulations on this HUGE accomplishment, you have no idea how proud I am of you, The whole family is. Keep it up, Follow your dreams and just remember I love you! CONGRATULATIONS—Grizz Juarez, family/friend
  • Congrats to my big sister who has made it through college at any cost and has try her best to get here and graduate . Congratulations to Class of 12" —Yeritza , family/friend
  • Congratulations Alyssa!! We are so proud of you! We love you.....ALWAYS!! Mom, Dad,Brittany and Lindsey♥—Jill Riley, family/friend
  • To YESENIA MEJIA!!! CONGRATS!!! we want to wish you the best in in life!!! from your brothers and cousins in colorado!—edurado mejia, family/friend
  • congrats big sis!!!! i love you:)—lalo mejia, family/friend
  • Congratulations to ASUCR Senators, Officers and Representatives... We love you Sharon Yen, Tiffany Lau, Devin S., David Falstein and all! Best wishes for success always! —Laurie Sinclair, staff
  • Congratulation Jessica Mele Mafi Hala....We all proud of you....God has made your dream comes you
    Sydney Australia
    —Tauaho AHOKOVI, family/friend
  • Congratulations to our ASUCR Officers, Senators and Representatives... we love you Albert Yum, Jonathan Mansoori and Nick Park! Best wishes for success always!—Laurie Sinclair, staff
  • To : anastasia , my best friend
    Congratz for your graduation
    So happy although i just can see u from jakarta..
    Graduation, it doesn't from here n today..
    But now, today u will begin ur day now to be useful person to bless everyone aroundmu
    Congratz again anas...
    Mmuahh :*
    —akiko, family/friend
  • Congrats to Jessica Mele Mafi Hala!! You are a great role model for the youth to look up too!! You worked hard and all your hard work has paid off!! Enjoy your day we are so proud of you!! Stay blessed!! 'Ofa lahi atu The Otha HaLAs!!—Luisa HaLA , family/friend
  • Dear my friend, Anastasia Shanon
    Congratulations to be one of the top 10! It's so cool, haha
    Congratulations for your graduation.
    I wish you better life in the future.
    GBU :D
    —Gabriela Lucas, family/friend
  • COngratulationsssssssssss! I am so proud of you.
    Your God Mother,
    —HOLLIE, family/friend
  • "what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"-Emerson
    Congrats to the Class of 2012
    To my sister Hazel Morales, Congrats :) and to my CSP familia los quiero, and May God continue to Bless you:)
    James, Jasmine,Josh, Marisol, Yessica, Cisco, Manny, Javier, Paul, Antonio, Emanuel, Brenda,Jeannie.
    —The Little One, student
  • David,
    Congratulations on being the first College Grad in the Family. We are all bursting with pride over all you have accomplished. As much as we will all miss UCR the excitement of what we will see next on your continuing journey will be wonderful and we can't wait. Thanks UCR for doing so much for our Son and Brother..........R-Side forever!
    —Richard,Linda and Hayley Falstein, family/friend
  • To my Roomie Kristina,

    You've finally made it!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! (: Glad to have met you and have a list of unforgettable memories to look back on! Wish you the best in all you do!!! Go get 'em!!! "VERY NIIIIICE!! HIGH FIIIIVES!"
    —Danni, student
  • Hey Liza,

    i love you and i am so proud of you ;p
    —Marco de las Heras, family/friend
  • To My roomie aka pija!!
    I am so proud of you! Its been a long 5 years but you finally did it and i couldn't be happier for you! So happy I had the privilege to call you a friend and forever be apart of your life. We still have this summer to make some memories and leave UCR like bigdogs lol love you! <3 HIGH FIVE!!
    —Kristina Gonzales, student
  • Congratulations to our son Michael Corona and his fellow graduates. We are very proud of you. Continue to move forward,son.
    Dad and Mom (UCR Class of '81)
    —John Corona and Nanette de la Cruz-Corona, family/friend
  • I want to say congrats to my beautiful sister Connie on her graduation at UC Riverside. I'm so proud of her! :)
    YES!! YES!!! YES!!!!!
    —Steffy, family/friend
  • Congratulations Stephanie Hahn!!!! We made it through another year at UCR! I couldn't have made it through these past five years without you! Now let's go find teaching jobs!!! :)—Morgan, student
  • Congratulations to my wonderful cohort! It has been a difficult and rewarding year of teaching! I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you! Kathy's cohort is the BEST! :D—Morgan, student
  • Dear David He
    We are so glad that you are going to graduate from Burns College of Engineering. Congratulation to you and PULSE team for your wining two awards. This is the best Father's gift.

    Thank all faculty and staff of UCR.

    Annie, Jasper and families
    —Annie Ye & Jasper He & families, family/friend
  • Dear Sarah! Lisa told me you're graduating tomorrow night with an Art History major - CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you, and know your family is proud of you and your accomplishments. Best wishes for a career that will bring you happiness and joy! —S. Gale Carr Watkins, family/friend
  • Prisci!
    I am looking forward to sitting next to you on our very special day! You have come so far and I hope everything you have experienced helps you grow stronger than you already. I am so proud of you line sister! You finally did it. I love you and will miss you very much! Enjoy your trip! <3 your deuce
    —Helen Martinez, student
  • Raciyo!
    I am so proud of you! You finally did it! After much stress and tears you have accomplished so much. You are on your way to becoming an amazing Doctora! I wish you the best in the Bay, I love you and we shall keep in touch! <3 your baby deuce
    —Helen Martinez, student
  • Congratulations to my son Anthony and all the other graduates for accomplishing so much in such a small amount of time. Never stop learning. Always be curious. My mother used to tell me, " The more you know, the more you don't know." When a question is answered, more questions arise that need answering. Go into the world and answer those questions. Life is full of choices. You may sometimes not choose wisely. But always choose. How else are you going to learn? We all love you...—Randall Douglas, family/friend
  • Christina Samore,
    Congratulations! We are so proud of you. Thank you for being an extrodinary staff member for Housing, Dining and Residential Services. We can't wait to see what you accomplish. Thank you for everything you have done but especially your chocolate chip cookies. Good luck!
    —Lisa, Chris and Jeren, staff
  • To my best friends Helen and Janet,
    I met you guys sophomore year and I already feel like you guys are part of my family. We've been through so much together and I sincerely hope we never lose touch cause it'll be a big waste of a fun and happy friendship we've had these past two years. I love you guys so much and I'm so excited to be graduating with you amazing girls. Let's continue our friendship into the next chapter of our lives, LOVE XOXO!!!
    —Jessica , student
  • Congrats Rosy!!! You have made all of us proud :) we wish you the best of the best. We love you so much!—Yoly, family/friend
  • Carissa,
    You did it! I just want you to know that you are an outstanding person. You are very wise. You work hard at whatever you do. You always put out a great product. But most of all, you have a huge heart and that will take you far in life. Guard your heart, but keep it open. I wish you well in your career and I pray that your life is a wonderful and exciting journey! Congratulations!
    —Yvonne Michel, staff
  • You did it!
    Don't stop working hard. Always have a next goal in mind. Although you have achieved a milestone toward your career, your heart will always follow you. Use it for good. Happy graduation to the class of 2012—Carissa, Vanessa, and Morgan! Congratulations!!
    —Yvonne Michel, staff
  • To my son Gregg Porter,

    SO PROUD, SO PROUD, SO PROUD! You continue to amaze us with your strength and determination. When you know what it is that you want you not only go out and get it but you do it in a very BIG way. As you graduate today with your MBA while working full time, raising two beautiful children and with the support of your beautiful wife Katie, I, Pat, am here with tears streaming down my face bursting with pride. We love you so much! Congratulations!
    —Pat and Bud Lambert, family/friend
  • Congratulations Derek Herrera, you keep fulfilling my life with joy n pride. You make my life and my efforts well worth it. Derek, you are awesome reaching one more step in your education n keep marching on toward your goal. Thanks son, I love u forever. Dad Orlando.—Orlando Herrera, family/friend
  • Class of 2012: "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!" Procrastination is your worse enemy in your future, whether it is to continue your education or start a career. Time waits for no one, so choose how you spend it.—Jan , family/friend
  • Congratulations to all the MBA candidates! What an outstanding job you all have done. But most of all, best wishes and great job done to Diana Colgrove for such a wonderful achievement and balancing so many facets of your life these past 6 years!

    Mom and Sis
    —Marion Colgrove, family/friend
  • Michael C. C., You have achieved so much in the last four years. We are wow with all your accomplishments and impressed with your leadership. We can't wait to see your next chapter at LLU. So proud of you, son! Love, Mom, Dad and Family.—Sandy Cervantes, family/friend
  • Congratulations Jamie Nguyen! Such a miletstone in your life and my best wishes as you start your new career. You are an amazing young lady with spirit and dedication. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to get stronger and more healthy! I will keep in touch and give you updates! Have a blast this deserve it! Sincerely, Bev—Bev, staff
  • Jeremy Winstanley,
    Congrats! Its finally here now it is time to set your path in montion, which I know you will be great.
    —Juan Carlos Lopez, staff
  • To Aimee Smith...Congratulations on your graduation from UC Riverside. You've worked hard to achieve your dream and everyone is so proud of your accomplishment. You are a wonderful young woman, full of promise and ready for the next exciting chapter in your life. Enjoy your moment, savor your memories, and get ready to take on the world, Highlander!—Suzanne Howell, family/friend
  • Finally this moment has arrived when we have reached our goal of graduating from college, most of us being first in the family! Congratulations to all of us and to my friends Jorge, Wynter, Yaremi, Jen, Patricia, Neelam, etc. Class of 2012 can't wait to see you walk up on the stage :)—Daisy V., student
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all the Mujeres Unidas (MU) girls graduating this year!!!! I wish you all the best for a bright future ahead and for your new life. We strived and we achieved to reach this point in our lives, now we have to make it all worth it!

    "I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known."
    - Newton D. Baker
    —Rocio Hernandez, student
  • Dear Maxwell Jasper Flanders!

    I love you so much baby! It's been such a great year and I am forever glad that our paths crossed here at UCR a year and a half ago! Congratulations on graduating with your major in Statistics and your minor in Philosophy!! Super proud of you, My Love. I'm going to miss you this summer, but I hope you have a great time in DC and I will be here loving you as always.

    Congratulations Hunny; you made it! Enjoy every moment <3 MUAH!!

    Love You Forever,

    Chelsea Shotts
    —Chelsea Shotts, student
  • Congrats UCR MBA Class of 2012! You are all a blessing to this world. I'm glad to know you all. Cheers for a bright future!!—Megan Cabrera, student
  • Congrats to all you student veterans graduating this weekend! It has been an honor to work with you and we wish you all the best in the years to come.—Lenita Kellstrand, staff

    Congratulations from your FoodPro family! We are excited and very proud of you for this tremendous accomplishment. Thanks for all your hard work these past years. You will be missed, especially your LOUD, OUTGOING, OUTSPOKEN, HILARIOUS, AGGRESSIVE (the list could go on and on) personality!
    —Cassie Taan, staff
  • Congratulations to the class of 2012!!!! and to Miss Nataly Ochoa
    You did it! Your FoodPro family is proud of you and we are thankful and very appreciative for your hard work here at the office while tackling the hard work with classes. Thanks for your dedication and good luck to you with your future endeavours.
    —Cassie Taan, staff
  • Whitney
    Congrats! We are all so proud of you.. You have proven to yourself how strong smart and capable you are. Follow your dreams..
    mmmppphhhuuuaaa XOXs
    Mom, Bayani Heather Amber and NIzelle
    —loreto pilch, family/friend
  • To Juliet Beni, at 19, the youngest Ph.D. earner in UCR's history. You are so very impressive! May your time in medical school be fruitful. Here's hoping that you will change the way patients and doctors talk with each other.—Kris Lovekin, staff
  • I would like to send a shoutout to some students who deserve admiration for their friendship and support in my academic achievements. Thank you Jaime Vasquez, Anuhar Carrasco, Yao Chen, and Liliana Rojas! Without you my last year in SoBA would have been very different. Thank you for your creativity, diligence and efforts in major team projects and classes. You all will go on to do great things. When you feel stressed, overwhelmed and tired remember that you have what it takes to push forward! :]—Victoria Oliveros, student
  • Congratulations!

    This is a milestones in our lives. Wherever you come from, whatever your circumstances, and whoever helped you get here the moment is all yours. Treasure the memories you made here at UCR. One day, When you look back it will hopefully bring you good feelings. For many of us it has been four long years. And now here we are about to start a new journey. I wish to the entire Class of 2012 a life of wonder and achievement. Congrats!

    Kindest regards,

    2012 SoBA Grand Marshal
    —Victoria Oliveros, student
  • CONGRATULATIONS to my amazing sister CATRINA DURAN on graduating. You are fantastic. I am SO SO SO proud of you!!!!! <3 —Carissa Duran, student
  • Congratulations Morgan on your graduation! You have accomplished something not many have. Be proud of all you have done and what you have to look forward to in the future!

    Love ya!!
    —Kim, Josh and Lauren Fox, family/friend
  • Congratulations Christy! You've accomplished a lot sister. Love You. :)—BRENDA , family/friend
  • Congratulations Morgan....
    All the hard work has paid off...
    Best wishes for a bright future...
    —Carol Jacobs, family/friend
  • Yaya! Congratulations on your accomplishment!!! It has been a very tough and hard fought 4 years of your life. Blood, sweat and tears have been shed. But you know, that its all worth it! These 4 years were very quick. I remember applying late into the night like it was yesterday! Good luck on all your future endeavors! I know that you'll succeed in anything that you do. God Bless!! :D—Vic!, family/friend
  • You have given me so many moments in my life to be proud of you. Like being born being your Dad and watching you grow into a Beautiful young woman. You have always impressed me with your drive for success. I Love you and I am So Proud of you. Daddy—Mark, family/friend
  • Congrats Morgan!

    -Brother from another mother
    —Michael, family/friend
  • Congrats Morgan!!! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments! Texas is always looking for good teachers! Just a thought. Love you and miss you!
    Love Aunt Karen and Charles
    —Karen Law, family/friend
  • Congratulations, Andy! Thanks so much for helping me in my journey to become a Highlander this year. I will always remember your support and friendship. Good luck to you and "may the odds be ever in your favor"! :)—Gicela Mendoza, student
    —Martha Trimble, family/friend
  • Congratulations Morgan! I am so proud of you for following your dream and sticking it out for the past 5 years. Now you have 2 degrees and your teaching credential - WOW! You are a true inspiration!—Melisa, family/friend
  • To My Son Adrian,
    I am so proud of you, accomplishing one of your many goals. I love you and miss you. Unfortunately, I am unable to be there due to me serving our country here in Afghanistan.
    Love Mom
    —Gina Rodriguez, family/friend
  • To Joshua Kast, with tears in my eyes as they overflow with the love and pride i have in you. You did it—Congratulations! Looking forward to you being a little closer to me this next few years. Will see you this weekend. Love from your Grandmother—Virginia Willis, family/friend
  • Congratulations to all of my Omega Zeta Chi sisters who are graduating this year. We did it!!!!!
    -OZChi Love,
    —Olivia Conboy, student
  • Congratulations! WE did it. IT is done. Time to relax and change our shoes for our next journey in life. Best Wishes CLASS OF 2012!!!

    — Just came up with this on the spot, lol, improvised!

    Roses are not red,
    but blue,
    orchid leis from Bali
    for my boo,
    tassels hanging from my black cap,
    new underwear from the Gap—
    graduation day will come and go,
    my neck photographed with a purple bow.
    —Luis Lopez-Maldonado , student
  • Congrats Ashley.

    Another graduation! Only this will be hooded. Thank you for all you do.

    We love you.

    —Alyssa Heckmann, student
  • Alexis Elston aka Ruth Ann,

    Congratulations girl! You did it. I am so lucky to call you my best friend. You have been such a big help, and a great support system. That.....and at least I know the Divas really do exist and I wasn't just imagining things. haha

    Never a dull moment, with you. That's....What you Do.

    Congrats, girl

    Mitzi aka Alyssa
    —Alyssa Heckmann, student
  • Congratulations to Mr. Joshua Kast. Knowing your mom for years, I have been privileged to follow your many adventures & achievements including your Eagle Scout ceremony which I attended with other family friends. You bring your parents and all of us great pride. Thank you! As a mother of a 2006 UCR grad, I surely understand your family's pride & excitement. God bless you always & best wishes in law school. I look forward to meeting you again in the future. Sincerely, Debbie Benson, Bakersfield—Debbie Benson, family/friend
  • Felicidades Navil,

    You're such a smart kid and I know that you will be a huge success. I love you more than you know and I'll support you forever. You've changed so much over the years and all I can say is that you are so much smarter than any of us. I'm glad that going to college helped you develop and become such an "appealing person".
    Love you Munch,

    —Judith Lopez, family/friend
  • Joshua, I am so very proud of you! Remember.."Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you." Ralph Waldo Emerson. Congratulations Son.—Gina kast, staff
  • Congratulations Nadia Franks and Beth Coggins ! Zimmees XXXXOOOOO—Dolores Franks, family/friend
  • Congratulations to our son Gregory Bailey and the Class of 2012. Outstanding school, outstanding students.

    Greg and Linnie Bailey (UCLA Class of 1977)
    —Linnie Frank Bailey, family/friend
  • Congratulations and best wishes to the very popular Konrad Nagy. You worked hard on your studies and in your job at UCR. Now go out and make us proud!—Kim Lane, family/friend
  • To our son Kristopher C.,
    I can't believe that you are graduating. Our baby boy is now all grown. You have made a great accomplishment. We are very proud of you. You have set a good example for your brothers and sister. Look our comes Kris.
    Love you!
    Your Proud Mommy and Daddy.
    —Madeline, family/friend
  • BIG DAWG! LET'S DO THIS, congrats 2012 :D <3 I love you esdrujula, Lmfao -.-—Jasmine Chavarria, family/friend
  • Congratulations Joshua Kast and the entire class of 2012! Josh, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I am looking forward to you living closer as you continue your education. Love you and see you soon! Aunt Nat—Natalie Zayas, family/friend
  • Congratulations to the 2012 PhD cohort, especially to my dance studies colleagues, and I sure wish I could be there to get hooded by the uniquely fabulous and supportive Prof. Sally Ness!!!! Bis demnächst, Sally!—Freya Vass-Rhee, student
  • Danna Fakhoury! Congratulations on earning your Bachelor's degree! So proud of you and I'm sure your family is too! Blessings! —Damaris—Damaris Molina, family/friend
  • Congratulations to the UCR Class of 2012....You have reached another milestone in your life. Never give up on your dreams, for only you can make them come true!—Daniele LeCesne, staff
  • Sophia Bu, best wishes to you for a successful future. We will miss you and thank you for all you have done for our office.—Development Office, staff
    —lavonda lowe, staff
  • Anita Six: all those hours spent pouring over your computer and writing endless paper are now bearing fruit. We will be so proud to watch you graduate and to know how well deserved this degree is.—Frances Fernandes & Slavica Covert, staff
  • On behalf of Undergraduate Admissions, we congratulate the entire Class of 2012 on all of your academic achievements! We know you will make us proud!—Robert Penman, staff
  • Congratulations and Aloha - Natalie Bock, class of 2012! We are so proud of you and wish you the best!

    Your fellow Hula sisters, Maria, Jane, and the Hula Halau o Ma kahawai members
    —Jane Miranda, staff
  • Congratulations to the class of 2012! My wish for you is that you take risks in your life. Dare to fail. And paraphrase from an old Apple advertisement, don’t ever forget that “…the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”—Toni Lawrence, staff
  • Congratulations to our 2012 graduating seniors! May you pursue you passion with perseverance and never let go of your dreams.—Wanda Scruggs, staff
  • A heartfelt congratulations to the UCR Class of 2012! You have made an outstanding achievement and should be very proud. A special “shout out” to Gifty Oshinuga, who worked at the UCR Fund Call Center as a student employee. It was a delight to meet you, you have a dynamic personality, and I wish you the very best in life!—Peggy Fairall, staff
  • Happy Graduation to Maydeli Magana, Jonathan Mansoori, Jackie Martinez, Amanda Akens, Sharon Kang, Taylor Garret, Chelsea Usher, Julia Lee, Jasmeet Kaur, and Bryan Hayslip. Congratulations and best wishes for a successful life!—Delma Lee, staff
  • Salutations and congratulations to Konrad Nagy! Dude, you’re on your way! Enjoy the ride!—Virginia Odien, staff
  • We have watched you work and play, we have watched you struggle and excel, and now we have the thrill of watching you graduate. Congratulations on reaching your goal.—Frances Fernandes, staff
  • The world beyond UCR is safe because Konrad is around to fix kerning, photo captions and other off-the-margin problems you may have in life!—Lille Bose, staff
  • Liz Printup: Congratulations Liz! Your incredible hard work and perseverance has paid off. You are an inspiration to all who know you, especially to the young people you work with every day. I wish you the best and much success in the future.—Bill Cole, staff
  • Julia Lee and Maydeli Magaña: Congratulations to two phenomenal young women who did a fantastic job leading our Student Alumni Association. I’ve enjoyed working with you as students and look forward to your continued involvement as proud Highlander alumni! All the best on your new endeavors.—Olivia Rivera, staff
  • Congratulations Class of 2012! To all the Golden Key officers, best wishes for the future after UCR! I will miss you all so much.

    Lots of Love from your Co-Advisor, VB
    —Vanessa Bryan, staff
  • Congratulations Class of 2012! On behalf of the UCR Alumni Association, we would like to welcome you to the ranks of more than 90,000 UCR alumni. We encourage you to stay connected to UCR by returning to campus often and taking an active role in the future of your University!—Bill Cole, staff
  • Congratulations to the Guardian Scholar’s 2012 Graduates: Claude Durden, Serkadis Krohm, and Marina Sandoval. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.—Jan Forrester, staff
  • Congrats Class of 2012! Be proud of all that you have accomplished and good luck in the future.—Nick DiFilippo, staff
  • To the graduates of Class of 2012:

    Magic Carpet by Shel Silverstein

    You have a magic carpet
    That will whiz you through the air,
    To Spain or Maine or Africa
    If you just tell it where.
    So will you let it take you
    Where you’ve never been before
    Or will you buy some drapes to match
    And use it
    On your
    —Jan Wildman, staff
  • Congratulations Class of 2012! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and know that you can be nothing but greatness, for you are a Highlander.—Alyssa Oates, staff
  • Congratulations to the graduating class of 2012!
    I am confident you will continue to succeed in life and make your mark in the world like the many UCR Alumni who came before you.
    Keep up the good work.
    —Tracy Avery, staff
  • Congratulations Konrad Nagy. Glad to have worked with you. Good luck in the future.—Bonnie Mediano, staff
  • Congratulations to my brother, David Zeff for graduating! I am so proud of all of your accomplishments and I look forward to see what life has in store for you. I know you will succeed in any path you decide to take! I love you!
    Love, Jaime.
    —Jaime Toney, staff
  • Congratulations, Konrad Nagy! You’ve worked so hard, and I’m so proud of you. Best of luck.—Bettye Miller, staff
  • Dear Sophia,

    You are one of the best student workers I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. I know you’ll be a great success in life. Keep in touch. I can’t wait to hear about all your accomplishments!
    —Theresa Farrell, staff
  • To the Class of 2012 –

    You’ve done it…CONGRATULATIONS! May your memories of UCR always be fond. Take your Highlander pride and accomplish all the greatness you can. As you leave the campus as students and enter the world as graduates, remember your UCR home and family. Enjoy every opportunity and adventure that awaits you…you’ve earned it!

    Congrats again…
    —Rebeccah Goldware, UCR Alumna 2002, staff
  • Congratulations for your tremendous work these past years.

    Now that you've graduating, a new exciting life awaits you. Your training at UC Riverside has prepared you well for all that comes next.

    I wish you a future filled with happiness, friendship, hard work and success.

    I wish you all the best.
    —Theresa Farrell, staff
  • Kyle (Keane), you make me prouder than you can know. You are a true giant and an example for all those who struggle of what is possible.—Frances Fernandes, staff
  • Congrats to the Class of 2012 and my nephew Michael Corona who works at the Rec Center. Great job on staying focused and finishing in less than 4 years!—Debra De La Cruz , staff
  • Congratulations to all of our graduating Student Alumni Association board members: Maydeli Magana, Jonathan Mansoori, Jackie Martinez, Amanda Akens, Sharon Kang, Taylor Garret, Chelsea Usher, and former SAA board members Julia Lee, Jasmeet Kaur, and Bryan Hayslip. I am so proud of you all and can’t wait to see the difference you will make in the world!—Kristin Seiler, staff
  • Congratulations to all of our student-athletes who are graduating this weekend. You have done a great job representing UC Riverside Athletics. Your hard work has paid off. #Building Champions!—Eric Buskirk, staff
  • Way to go Konrad Nagy! Congratulations on all the classes, all the finals, all the working hours, all the sweat you have put into this. You will never regret getting this diploma. May all your tomorrows be beautiful. Go 2012!—Kris Lovekin, staff
  • Congratulations to the Class of 2012!!!!—Delphina Hughes, staff
  • Konrad Nagy,
    Congratulations for graduating, but mostly congratulations for the fine work you have done over the years with UCR publications. Even though you were "only" a student, we could not have done it without you.
    —your pals at Strategic Communications, staff

Know someone who is graduating?

Extend your best wishes, share a memorable UCR moment or pass on some “pearls of wisdom” to the Class of 2012.

Photo Gallery

Congratulations, Class of 2012! It was our pleasure and honor to celebrate your achievements at UCR’s 58th Commencement. We’ve put together a few photos for you to enjoy…we wish you all the best! Go Highlanders!

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UCR Graduation Facts

  • Commencement 2012 will include seven ceremonies over four days.
  • We anticipate more than 32,000 total participants over the four days.
  • 12,250 cars are expected on campus for this weekend.
  • There were 5,061 students eligible to walk at this year’s Commencement.
  • With this year’s graduating class, UCR will have more than 90,000 graduates. They reside in every state of the union and dozens of countries around the world.
  • 61 students graduating summa cum laude.
  • 96 students graduating magna cum laude.
  • 340 students graduating cum laude.
  • 447 Master's degrees and 283 Ph.D.s being presented.
  • 0 air horns permitted at Commencement.

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